A technical problem is typically an API or malfunctioning website.

In such cases it is very important to be very accurate in your reporting, and understand that as we process a lot of transactions, to locate your issue within our system logs and audit trails is no easy task. This does become a needle in a haystack problem without your help and assistance.

Please be very verbose and descriptive in reporting a problem and make sure to include the following:

a) Company Name (contractual company name)

b) Trading name (in case different from company name)

c) Date and Time and timezone of problem

d) Whether problem is on LIVE systems or TEST systems

d) Where problem relates to a particular transaction include more than 1 identifying feature for the transaction

    Date and Time


    Last 4 digits of card

    Transaction ID

    email address of customer

e) Where problem is of an API nature, please paste logs from all your API requests, and ideally include API responses too

e) please include your portal login name, and API username / token where applicable

f) screenshots are more than welcome which show the problem

g) include information on how we can reach you - phone, mobile